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If you're looking for very special device drivers for your noisy boards, those sites will probably help you.
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Virtual Audio Cable Web Link $ 39
The Virtual Audio Cable implements an idea of physical interconnection cable applied to Windows digital sound devices (Wave In and Wave Out). Driver creates a pairs of Wave In/Out multi-client device ports; 'In' and 'Out' ports in each pair are internally connected so all digital audio data sent (played) to 'Out' part of the cable by one program is directly transferred to the 'In' part and can be retrieved (recorded) by another program. This mechanism allows to interconnect several programs that are using Wave devices - software synthesizers, sound processors, sound editors, sequencers etc. Additionally, it allows to record pure digital audio data produced by programs that don't create WAV files, sending audio only to Wave device in real time. Each port of driver is multi-client, allowing multiple applications to open the port at same time. All sounds sends to Out port are mixed, all clients connected to In port get the individual copy of sound. Small utility, Audio Repeater, is included into the package to monitor sounds transferred by the cable. Up to 16 cables, 1-50 ms interrupt, 256 channels max. There's a version for NT for 10 bucks more. [1-/-0/2018]
MIDI Thruway Web Link
MIDI Thruway is a system-wide replacement for all of the competing 'thru' connections in the many MIDI programs running on your system. MIDI Thruway allows any MIDI input to be connected to any MIDI output, in any combination. This allows multiple instruments to be controlled from the same external keyboard, or a single sound card or MIDI module to be controlled from multiple controllers simultaneously, as well as many more elaborate connections. [1-/-0/2018]
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