what is it?

DRMgen SX is a small application written in Java that lets you create cubase drum maps from program data within your Akai S2000/S3000 sampler. It's totally free to download and use.

Currently DRMgen SX works with Cubase SX and Cubase 5. It's simple interface makes it a lot easier and quicker for you to build a drum map based on what samples you have in your sampler.

Theres no more guessing as to what sounds you are editing in the drum edit window of cubase.


Simply download one of the executable setup files and run it.

Since DRMgen is written in Java, you will need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your machine to run DRMgen. Therefore there are two versions of the setup file for you to choose from. One of them contains the JRE and the other is for those of you who already have the JRE installed. (I recommend JRE 1.4.0 or higher)

If you are unsure, then just download the one with the JRE, and the setup process will detect whether you already have the JRE installed.


  • DRMgenSX_JRE.exe
    contains the Java Runtime setup files
  • DRMgenSX.exe
    if you already have the Java Runtime 1.4.0 or higher installed
    go here if you want to download the Java Runtime Environment separately.


  • Cubase 5 or Cubase sx
  • Akai S2000/S3000
  • Windows operating system
  • a computer that will run the above


DRMgen was written by Daniel Jarrett in 2001, and updated in 2002 for Cubase SX. Any feedback, suggestions, difficulties etc... please feel free to contact me.

Thanks to for hosting this page so all you good people can download DRMgen.
- DRMgenSX -