The Microsoft (r) Directx architecture have been adopted by many software manufacturers as the standard interface for effect plug ins. A lot of companies got now effects adapted to this standard.
| Commercial | Freeware | Misc. | Shareware |
Antares Autotune Web Link $ 299
Antares Autotune is a real-time pitch correction plug-in for DirectX. It uses DPS algorithms to detect the incoming pitch of a voice or solo instrument in real-time and correct it if necessary. Features : Ability to specify the scale to correct to, ability to adjust the rate of pitch correction, Settings for adding vibrato, ... [03/08/2020]
Antares Microphone Modeler Web Link $ 400
DirectX plugins, DSP-based acoustic modeling allows any reasonable quality microphone to sound like any of a wide variety of high-end studio mics. Models reproduce the effects of windscreens, low-cut filters, pattern-dependent frequency response and proximity effects. Create hybrid mics that combine the bass response of one mic with the treble response of another. You can use it during mixdown to change the mic on an already recorded track. Incredibly simple to use -- simply select the mic you're using and the mic you want it to sound like . Includes an extensive collection of digital models of historical classics, modern exotics, and industry-standard workhorses. Additional models can be downloaded from the Antares web site. [03/08/2020]
Arboretum Ray Gun Web Link
Ray Gun is a DirectX plugins for doing Noise Reduction, Pop/Click removal and Hum/Rumble filtering. [03/08/2020]
DSP Fx Web Link $ 299
DSP FX is a package of 12 real-time effects including : AcousticVerb, StudioVerb, Optimizer, Aural Activator, Pitch Shifter, MultiTap Delay, Tape Flanger, Chorus, Parametric EQ, AutoPanner, Tremelo. It works as DirectX, Saw, WinAmp and standalone effects. [02/08/2020]
Opcode Fusion Filter Web Link $ 199
Opcode Fusion Filter is a DirectX plugin that allows you to control any of the three independent filter modules with tempo programmable LFOs, envelopes, or sequence modulators. For instance, you can filter a bass track with the filter cutoff being modulated by the amplitude of a kick drum. Features : 6 LFOs, user envelopes and file extracted envelopes. Also has Lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, ringmod and Overdrive filters. [03/08/2020]
Opcode Fusion Vinyl Web Link $ 100
Opcode promises 'VINYL is guaranteed to make your music sound worse.' It adds wear, dirt, static, hiss, scratches and rumble to any audio file or entire mix. ' You can add record static and vinyl compression to any audio to get that smoky, classic style. Junk up guitar and bass tracks with rumble and a slow 33 warp.' The presets range from '40's radio show' to '70's disco'. [03/08/2020]
Opcode Fusion Vocode Web Link $ 150
Opcode Fusion Vocode allows you to emulate the classic sounds of a vocoder. (The famous 'robotic voice') It features : Real-time preview, onboard synth for creating carrier waves, Graphic EQ with 5 band Tone control, Emphasis and Depth control and more. [03/08/2020]
RBC Voice Tweaker Web Link
The RBC Voice Tweaker is a pitch transposer designed for monophonic signals such as voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments. It can transpose the pitch and harmonic independently, thus enabling both formant preserving pitch transpose and other more unusual effects. The Voice Tweaker also features a pitch correction function and MIDI control. As a DirectX plugin it can be used with all DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) or Sound editors with DirectX plugin support. [01/08/2020]
Acoustic Mirror Web Link $ 250
Acoustic Mirror is a very unique DirectX audio plugin that allows you to capture the signature of a room's acoustical property and then apply that room's properties to any audio file! But these signatures (also called 'impulses') arent just limited to rooms ... you could capture the properties of a electronic effects unit, the tone of a vintage tube microphone, or even a realistic representation of a stereo image. In addition to realism this technology can be used to create limitless unique effects not heard in nature. [01/08/2020]
Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction Web Link
This DirectX plugins, frrom Son,ic Foundry allow noice reduction in recordings. It suppress or limit, clics, pops, rumble or digital noise from any recording. [02/08/2020]
Sonic Foundry Soft Encode Web Link
Soft Encode from Sonic Foundry is a DirectX plugins to encode sounds in Dolby Digital 5.1. [02/08/2020]
Steinberg DeClicker Web Link $ 350
Steinberg DeClicker is a DirectX plugin for audio restoration. Its useful for removing vinyl noise, digital distortion, static discharge, digital clicks, short scratches and more. [01/08/2020]
Steinberg Denoiser Web Link
Steinberg Denoiser is a DirectX plugin that suppress noise without affecting the general sound quality. Improve noisy live recordings. Remaster old recordings. The DeNoiser removes broad band noise from arbitrary audio material without leaving any 'spectral finger print'. The algorithm that this plug-in is based on has the ability to track and adjust itself to variations in background noise. This means the noise can be diminished without side effects, preserving the spatial impression, and without letting the result become “colorless”. [01/08/2020]
Steinberg Freefilter Web Link $ 299
Freefilter is a DirectX plugin that can 'learn' the EQ spectrum of an audio source and then apply it to a desination to get a similar EQ in real time. Features : 1/3 Octave linear phase 30band EQ, Input/Output Analyzer, and 3 special eq shaping tools. [02/08/2020]
Steinberg Loudness Maximizer Web Link
Steinberg Loudness Maximizer does exactly what it sound like - it optimizes audio levels and increases the subjective volume. Even on recordings that are already set at maximum level, this plugin will add 'punchiness' without clipping pumping or breathing. [01/08/2020]
Steinberg Mastering Edition Web Link $ 400
Mastering Edition contains 6 plug-Ins which have been developed to help you achieve efficient and effective mastering results. Set Includes: Loudness Maximizer - Optimal Loudness without loss of sound quality Spectralizer - Harmonic generator , FreeFilter - The first linear phase 1/3-Octave Equalizer, ME Compressor - Multiband compressor (up to 5 bands), ME PhaseScope - Goniometer with integrated Correlation meter, ME SpectroGraph - Real-time sonogram display of spectrum. Plugins work with VST, Wavelab, and DirectX. [02/08/2020]
Steinberg Q-Metric Web Link $ 600
Q-Metric is a 7-band HiEnd Equalization PlugIn that can be used in VST, Wavelab or any DirectX audio program. Features : Internal processing with double sampling, 3 parametric midrange bands, Variable shelving filter (High/Low), Variable Q-factor, Graphical display of the overall frequency response, and automation within Cubase VST. [02/08/2020]
FXpansion MTap Web Link $ 20
FXpansion M.Tap is the most powerful, intuitive multi-tap delay plug-in on the market... is now one of the least expensive! M.Tap is a four-tap delay line featuring our unique 'Dual Bus' architecture. It works like this: Bus one carries the stereo input signal. Up to four fully-featured delay lines - each with independent time setting (in note-fraction/tempo or milliseconds), and 12dB HP and LP filters - can be fed from this bus. Each of these delays also has a 'Feedback' control - to set how much signal is sent back to the bus. Here's the clever bit: the feedback can be optionally routed to a second stereo bus, and each of the four delay lines can use either the main stereo bus, or to the secondary bus. This allows for amazingly complex rhythmic and 'crossing' delay patterns. All this at up to 64-bit internal precision. [03/08/2020]
TC Native Bundle Web Link
The new TC NATIVE BUNDLE 2.0 includes all our Hi-End processing tools for DirectX. This bundle covers all your needs for equalization, dynamics processing (incl. de-essing and ducking), reverberation - and now also limiting. Includes: TC Native-L (maximisation & limiter), TC Native Dex (compression & de-esser), TC Native reverb, TC Native EQ works (equalization). [02/08/2020]
TC Native Essentials Web Link $ 159
TC Native Essentials is a set of four high quality DirectX plugins: Reverb - While not quite in the same league as its Native Bundle older brother, this is nonetheless a useful addition to your reverb collection as it contains a number of classic reverb types. Dynamics - Add punch to your mix with this dynamics processor optimised for multi-channel use. Good all-round compressor. Equalisation - 3 band parametric,shelving and notch equaliser. Modulated Filter - This is the latest addition, and in my view the best of the bunch. Emulates a classic 6, 12 or 24 db Cutoff/Resonance VCF with LFO or envelope follower modulation. Now you can do your very own Mutronic's Mutator style filter sweeps of your entire mix, or use to enhance individual sounds. [02/08/2020]
Timeworks Mastering Compressor Web Link
Timeworks Mastering Compressor is a Direct-X plugin which U can use to compress your final mixdown. Use it to add punch , clarity and warmth to your mixes... or just use it to boost up the overall level of the mix. The plugin uses two seperate compressing algorythms with 64-bit internal precision... Try and see for yourself how far this plug's magic goes in turning bad mixes into good ones... [03/08/2020]
Timeworks CompressorX Web Link
Timeworks CompressorX is THE digital software compressor!!! Hard or soft-knee,Peak or RMS-level, zero stop, ultra fast attack input/output or gain reduction: does it all. [03/08/2020]
UltraFunk Sonitus FX Pack Web Link $ 140
UltraFunk Sonitus FX Pack volume 1 is a set of 4 Direct-X plugins : Equalizer - 6 band parametric eq with adjustable filter types Phase - Lets you alter the phase of sounds with width adjustment Modulator - Flanging and modulation effects with different LFO shapes Reverb - Diffuse reverb with graphic editing of many parameters. [02/08/2020]
WaveWARM Web Link $ 99
WaveWARM software is the easy way to add the warmth and richness of analog recording and vacuum tube amplification to PC digital audio files. Because digital recordings can sometimes seem 'cold' or 'brittle', audio engineers often use a combination of expensive external effects equipment and vintage microphones to achieve a fuller sound. Now, with new software from Gadget Labs, digital audio recordings can be quickly processed to have the classic, smooth sound of the fifties and sixties. [03/08/2020]
Waves C4 Web Link
C4 is a directX plugin doing Multiband Parametric Processor. Amazing. [02/08/2020]
Waves C1 Web Link
The C1 is a frequency-selective dynamic processor allowing two simultaneous dynamic processes. It is an expert tool for any application requiring compression, expansion or gating. Select any frequency range, then apply a dynamic process to that range, or use as a traditional wideband device. C1 offers mono and stereo capabilities of the compressor and/or the gate. [03/08/2020]
Waves DeEsser Web Link
The ideal audio plug-in for attenuating high frequency ‘ess’ sounds - perfect for editing solo vocal takes and instrumentals. Using simple controls and dynamic graphic interface, either BandPass or HighPass SideChain filter-modes can be selected to isolate specific 'ess' sounds for attenuation. Factory presets are included for male and female voices, including wide and narrow focus for 'ess' and 'shh' sounds.frequency range, then apply a dynamic process to that range, or use as a traditional wideband device. C1 offers mono and stereo capabilities of the compressor and/or the gate. [02/08/2020]
Waves L1 Ultramaximizer Web Link
The L1-Ultramaximizer from Waves combines Lookahead(TM) peak limiting with advanced requantization. This gives maximum level and highest resolution for all audio applications, from CD mastering to multimedia. L1 can be used as a mono or stereo limiter, with or without IDR processing, as well as the 'original' L1. [02/08/2020]
Waves PS22 StereoMaker Web Link
PS22 - StereoMaker creates a rich and spacious stereo image from mono sources, and also enhances the spread of stereo sources. It can be used on single tracks of a mix, such as lead instruments or backing vocals, or for stereo enhancement of full mixes or old recordings. [03/08/2020]
Waves Q10 ParaGraphic EQ Web Link
The Q10 provides precision control of equalization from subtle adjustments to extreme complex filters. Ideal for any aspect of audio production. Q10 works in mono/stereo, and with 1 to 10 bands of equalization. [02/08/2020]
Waves Renaissance Compressor Web Link
Renaissance Compressor is an emulation of a hi range opto-electronic compressor. [01/08/2020]
Waves Renaissance Equalizer Web Link
The new REQ provides warm and clear vintage-style EQ on native PC and Macintosh applications. It includes real-time graphing, preview, bypass functions and all with just a few intuitive clicks. [02/08/2020]
Waves S1 Stereo Imager Web Link
The S1 is a unique set of tools for remastering stereo mixes by enhancing and altering the stereo effect, designed for whenever the best stereo effect from a stereo track, mix or recording is required for mixing, mastering or remix applications. [01/08/2020]
Waves TrueVerb Web Link
TrueVerb from Waves, is a plug-in reverberation processor. TrueVerb combines two separate modules - an Early Reflections simulator, and a Reverb - to produce a high quality, natural-sounding room effect. The user can define the room size, its decay time and frequency response, and, most uniquely, the distance (beyond the speakers!) to the sound source. [03/08/2020]
Waves MaxxBass Web Link
MaxxBass is a DirectX Plug-in for Bass Enhancement. It's designed to extend your bass response to include frequencies two octaves below the original limit. This is achieved by adding a series of harmonics to the signal to stimulate a psychoacoustic effect. Put simply, MaxxBass helps you hear better bass on all speakers, from laptop to high-end. Use this in SoundForge, Cakewalk 6, or any other ActiveMovie compatible program. [03/08/2020]
AIPL SpinClycle Web Link $ 80
SpinCycle simulates a rotating speaker with a separate bass and treble horns. A rotating speaker has traditionally been used with organs, but we find many more uses for SpinCycle. It also possible to simulate the mic placement to produce rich stereo sounds in your favorite sound editor using DirectX. [03/08/2020]
Arboretum Realizer Pro Web Link
Unlike conventional equalizers and bass/treble controls, Realizer actually adds missing frequencies and synthesizes new harmonics to recreate the sizzling realism of the original recording. Arboretum Realizer combines proprietary Bass Maximizer, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Enhancement algorithms - the same processes found in Arboretum's professional Hyperprism products - in a simple-to-use interface designed for personal music enjoyment. Realizer is completely user-configurable and includes a number of factory settings designed to bring the most out of each musical style. [28/07/2020]
dB-L mastering limiter Web Link $ 39
dB-L, from Dave Brown, allows you to boost the volume of your final mix. Don't be fooled by the simple interface - underneath lies an intelligent look-ahead limiter algorithm which boosts the volume of any material without introducing distortion or other audible unpleasantness. Typical mixes (which have already been normalized to 0dB) can usually be boosted by between 6 & 12dB without any problems. dB-L can also be used as a brickwall limiter. Stick it on the end of a chain of effects to guarantee your output does not exceed 0dB (or whatever level you set), no matter how hard you push the input. Also useful for generating heavy pumping compression effects on drum tracks etc.With optional 16 bit dithering (normal or noise-shaped) of the output for creating CD masters, 64 bit internal accuracy, and support for sample rates up to 24bit/96kHz, this is a truly professional loudness maximizer and mastering limiter! [03/08/2020]
dB-D dynamics processor Web Link $ 39
dB-D, from Dave Brown, is an all-in-one compressor, limiter, expander & gate with sidechains for ducking and synchronized gating effects. This plugin is an evolution of the original db-audioware ProComp shareware compressor, with a few new features thrown in: 64 bit internal processing; full graphical interface; accurate in/out VU meters with peak hold; autogain (automatically boosts output gain to make up for compression); adjustable soft knee size; adjustable (distortion-free) brickwall limiter in output stage. [03/08/2020]
dB-M multiband limiter Web Link $ 39
Traditional wideband mastering limiters (like dB-L) can sometimes create unnatural sounding results when pushed hard. dB-M is an alternative mastering tool fine-tuning the dynamics and increasing loudness of your final mix. It combines multiple look-ahead limiters with accurate filtering and an intuitive interface to give you three frequency-dependent limiter channels. Think of dB-M like a combined limiter, loudness maximizer and intelligent tone control - Use it to subtly tame the volume of a loud kickdrum in the final mix without affecting the tonal quality of the mids & highs. Even out the volume of a bass guitar in the mix while leaving the vocals untouched. Compress the lows & mids of a guitar track while leaving the sparkling highs untouched. [03/08/2020]
dB-S deesser Web Link $ 39
dB-S, from Dave Brown, is an intelligent EQ module which dynamically removes sibilance (those irritating distorted 'ssss', 'shhh' and 'tttt' sounds) from your vocal recording without altering the character of the recording. dB-S is one of the most versatile and transparent de-esser plugins available on the market today. [02/08/2020]
Fxpansion Autopole Web Link
AutopOle is a filter bank. Featuring two excellent-sounding multimode filters configurable in three different routings, with stereo envelope generator, multimode Low Frequency Oscillator and neat modulation routings, it's perhaps the only filter you'll need. All parameters are, of course, fully automatable via MIDI and 'VST Automation. [02/08/2020]
Fxpansion MidiComb Web Link
How can we describe it... if you've ever experimented with DSP plug-ins or effect racks, you've probably noticed that if you set up a delay effect with a really short delay-time and a high feedback, the signal is given a kind of ringing musical note. But with just a time control or an alpha dial, it's not of any real musical use. So, here at FXpansion, we decided to re-work this algorithm so that the length of the delay line, and hence the frequency of the resonator, can be controlled from MIDI note data. Even better, we set it up so that up to eight different delay lines can be active at once - you can set up resonant polyphonic chords for your audio. [03/08/2020]
Fxpansion Ringmod Web Link
Ring mod is a Ring Modulator available in plugin. Features include: four seperate frequency ranges; lowpass filter (pre modulation, to smooth out the carrier wave if desired and reduce digital artefacts); multimode LFO with phase switch on R channel and automatic song tempo synchronisation; and last but not least, a signal-tracking Envelope Generator which can be used as a mod source for both the carrier wave itself and the LFO. [03/08/2020]
FXpansion RobotikVocoder Web Link
Authentic, realtime, plug-in-and-play vocoder power at your fingertips! FXpansion RobotikVocoder is a faithful model of a 14-band analog vocoder, capable of producing those famous 'robot voice' effects and many more. Features include voiced/unvoiced detector, 'external modulator' mode (VST version only) for even greater ease of use, 'Slew Rate', 'Q-Factor' and 'LowFreq Widen' controls (the last of which allows you to widen the 'Q' of the low frequencies - to avoid boominess and ringiness - without compromising the tightness of the higher bands). FXpansion!RobotikVocoder uses just 20% of the processor on a Celeron 333MHz machine, or 8% on an AMD Athlon-550. [01/08/2020]
Arboretum Hyperprism DX Web Link $ 349
Hyperprism is a huge selection of effects that will work in any DirectX audio program. 32 plugins include : Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Vibrato, Tremolo, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Pitch Changer, Sonic Decimator, Noise Gate, Compressor, Quasi Stereo, More Stereo, Stereo Dynamics, Pan, Auto Pan, Hall Reverb, Room Reverb, Single Delay, Echo, EchoTranz, Multi Delay, Ring Mod,Frequency Shifter, HyperVerb, Limiter, M-S Matrix, Sonic Decimator, Vocoder and now also the Bass Maximizer, Harmonic Exciter, and Tube/Tape Saturation. [03/08/2020]
Prosoniq MixCiter Web Link $ 75
MixCiter is a plugin module that adds more brilliance to audio material. This can be used to compensate for excessive post-processing or simply add some additional presence and brilliance to your recordings. It uses a novel, proprietary algorithm developed by Prosoniq for synthesizing new spectral content. It comes with full double bandwidth aliasing suppression and refreshes the spectrum of a sound to provide for richness and clarity even in cases where all high frequency contents have been lost. [01/08/2020]
Steinberg QuadraFuzz Web Link
QuadraFuzz is a multiband distortion Plugin for VST, Wavelab & DirectX audio programs. It splits the signal into separate frequency bands, and allows distortion each one individually. Features : 4 EQ bands, Preset editor, control over harmonic distortion and analog sound character. [03/08/2020]
Timeworks Delay 6022 Web Link $ 99
Timeworks Delay 6022 is a DirectX delay audio plugin. It features : channel independant High-frequency damping, Independent delay time, feedback gain, delay gain, 'Ganging' to adjust 2 channels at once, Real-time previews, analog-style meters, and more. [31/07/2020]
Timeworks Phaser model 88 Web Link $ 69
Timeworks Phaser model 88 is a DirectX audio plugin that simulates the effect of a phaser. Features : Stereo enhancement, Clip indicators, Rate as low as .01 cycles/sec, feedback control and more. [02/08/2020]
Timeworks Reverb 4080L Web Link $ 99
Timeworks Reverb 4080L is a DirectX reverb audio plugin. It features : 32 or 64 bit internal precision, Real-time preview, analog-style meter, predelay, decay, color, room size, damping and more. [28/07/2020]
TL Audio EQ1 Web Link
TL Audio EQ-1 VST is a recreation of the EQ-1 valve EQ and features LF, LM, HF and HM bands of equalisation. It produces a warm, rounded sound typical of valve equipment, and a lovely gradual overdrive. [02/08/2020]
AIPL Warmtone Web Link $ 64
A directX plugin designed to add analog warmth and tube compression to your tracks. [01/08/2020]
A0 Tape Echo II & Xflanger II Web Link $ 40
A DirectX plugins bundle also working as VST plugiin. Tape Echo: A oldstyle analog tape echo. Including a LFO to control band speed, Low pass filter, hi pass filter, etc. Xflanger: a stereo flanger. [01/08/2020]
Cakewalk FX Web Link $ 199
Cakewalk Fx is a suite of 3 DirectX effects pack usable with any DirectX compatible app. The first one is for dynamics (compressor,, limiter, gate), the second one for Tape sim and Amp sim, and the third one to design a SoundStage (acoustic environment) for your audio. [03/08/2020]
Fxpansion Phat Sync Web Link
Phat Sync from FxPansion, is, at the most basic level, a simple 4-pole resonant, multimode filter like that found on synthesizers new and old. What makes it unique, however, is not the filter itself (though this is perfectly capable of holding its own!) but the creativity-enhancing 'Analogue Sequencer' style pattern control which is linked directly to the filter engine with sample-accurate precision. If you've ever used ReBirth, you're probably aware of the 'PCF' effect on board. This is a similar concept, only infinitely more flexible - not only can you program your own patterns (up to 4 per patch, independent control of cutoff frequency and resonance), but you can set it to play to a wide variety of different grooves and patterns. FXpansion!PHAT.SYNC Further enhancements are the 'Glide' control - to allow anything between hard 16-th note chopping and smooth, swirling effects more akin to an advanced LFO; 'Matrix Mode' allowing patterns of anything between 16 and 64 ticks, and best of all, time synchronisation - PHAT.SYNC will automatically detect the tempo of your song via MIDI clock and lock on to the beat. No fiddling around with sync or tempo dials, it does it all for you. [01/08/2020]
Kelly Systems Panhandler Web Link $ 70
PanHandler is a real-time surround sound panning and encoding plugin. This version is for use in any DirectSound compatible audio program. It is compatible with pro and home surround sound decoders, or creates a wider sound field when played in normal stereo. Features : automation, mouse or joystick input, Line panning fuction for fast and accurate fly-by's, Built-in Surround Sound encoder, and more. [03/08/2020]
Prosoniq Pi Warp Web Link $ 37
The Prosoniq Pi-Warp creates interesting special effects by inverting the harmonic evolution of a sound. You can create strange sounding speech or arabesque vocal lines by tuning the warp effect depending on your material. It is suited for both processing rich orchestral textures to produce alien atmospheres or for treating drum loops or rhythmic patterns to change the overall sound of the loops and create new sound effects. [02/08/2020]
Samplitools Declicker Web Link $ 199
Samplitools Declicker is a is a DirectX plugin for removing clicks and crackling. Its well suited for removing unwanted vinyl noise, digital cross-talk, digital transfer errors, thyristor buzz and other noises while adding a minimum of artifacts. [03/08/2020]
SampliTools DEQ Web Link
Samplitools DEQ brings you EQs, compressors, limiters, expanders, gates and distortion in a package compatible with your current Direct-X audio program. [30/07/2020]
Qsound Labs QTools Web Link
The Qtools plugin (from Qsound Labs) is designed to add a 3d effect to your SoundForge audio. It has 3 parts: mono-to-QSound stereo localizer, QX stereo enhancer and a sample rate converter. [03/08/2020]
Sonic Foundry XFX Web Link
The Sonic Foundry XFX Plugin packs 1, 2 and 3 form a suite of DirectX plugins which feature improvements on many of the internal Sound Forge effects. XFX 1 includes Reverb, Chorus, Multi-Tap Delay, Simple Delay/Echo, Time Compress/Expand and Pitch Shift. XFX 2 includes Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ, Paragraphic EQ, Graphic Dynamics, Multi-Band Dynamics and Noise Gate. XFX 3 includes Smooth/Enhance, Amplitude Modulation, Gapper/Snipper, Vibrato, Distortion and Flange/Wah-Wah. [29/07/2020]
Steinberg Spectralizer Web Link
Steinberg Spectralizer is a Direct-X Sonic Optimizer that operates in real-time. With it you can enhance the frequency spectrum of audio by adding harmonics that weren't originaly present - without the common phase shifting. [02/08/2020]
Spectral Design De-Esser Web Link $ 399
The SPL De-Esser is a tool for reducing sibilance in speech and singing at the same time leaving the original character of the signal untouched. The algorithm reduces s-frequencies by feeding a phase inverted signal of the detected s-frequency back into the signal path. [03/08/2020]
WaveArts Surround Web Link $ 90
The WaveSurround DX plug-in uses sophisticated signal processing technology to synthesize 'virtual' loudspeakers that can be positioned anywhere around the listener. [03/08/2020]
OhmBoyZ : multitap delay plugin Web Link $ 9
First, Ohmboyz is a quite unique plug-in. Originally, it was a multitap delay, but it's become a very rich and unique tool because we've added classical effects in an original circuit and because of LFOs omnipresence. What's more, the finish is extremely precise. If you are tired of hearing clicks and pops each time you change the numerical delays tempo, don't worry anymore: OhmBoyz has kicked out those harmful effects. You'll definitely be pleasantly surprised when you use the buttons or switch to another preset: OhmBoyz can both be used on stage or as a homestudio / studio tool! [01/08/2020]
SpectR Web Link $ 34
DirectX 31 band spectrum analyzer plugin [01/08/2020]
THELOTRON BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack Web Link $ 99
The BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack includes 14 DirectX plug-ins that cover everything from modulation type effects like flanger, chorus, phaser and autopan to studio tools like reverb, compressor and parametric equalizer to more radical effects like amplifier simulation, ring modulation and resonant filter. [30/07/2020]
Virtos Noise Wizard 1.0 Web Link $ 119
 Noise Wizard 1.0 is a versatile tool for noise reduction and audio enhancement based on the DirectX standard for audio plug-ins. With Noise Wizard you can remove almost any kind of noise, including stationary (hiss and hum) and impulsive (clicks and crackle) noise. Noise Wizard also inludes other tools for audio enhancement like a set of filtering algorithms, a stereo processor for enhancing the stereo feeling and a plug-in for high or low frequency harmonic synthesis. [31/07/2020]
A0 Parametric Equalizer Web Link $ 50
A0 Parametric equalizer is a powerful, warm sounding and high quality parametric equalizer plug-in for PC, available in both VST and DirectX formats. It is fully compatible with Steinberg Cubase VST, WaveLab, Sonic Foundry SoundForge, Cakewalk and more audio programs. It requires a PC with a Pentium 90 processor or better, and 32Mb of RAM. [02/08/2020]
GenieSys Voice Web Link
 New software for computer music, new sound banks formats SF2&Gig [31/07/2020]
PSP VintageWarmer Web Link $ 149
 the award winning digital simulation of an analog-style, compressor/limiter! [01/08/2020]
PSP MixPack Web Link $ 100
 4 plugins to add rich, detailed, warm, lively and punchy sound to your tracks! [02/08/2020]
Coyote Chorus Web Link
 Coyote Chorus is a DirectX plugin that offers professional-quality chorusing and flanging effects. It has four chorus/flange blocks, each of which allows a very detailed level of control. In addition to the usual controls (delay, range, depth of effect, feedback control) Coyote Chorus also provides control of some unusual parameters: - a prefilter to restrict the effect to some range of frequencies - a stereo phase invert control on the low-frequency oscillator (LFO) - sine, triangle-wave and randomized triangle-wave options for the LFO - offsetting of the peaks and notches in the frequency response while flanging [31/07/2020]
Drumagog Web Link $ 99
 Automatic Drum Replacer Plugin [02/08/2020]
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