Because the populatity of VST and the plugins open architecture, many software companies have developped plugins. But this interrest is not only from companies...
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Steinberg GRM Tools Web Link
GRM Tools is a collection of 4 VST Plug-Ins that includes : Shuffling - panning, panorama width and stereo movement effects, Comb Filters - a bank of 5 comb filters with resonance and harmonics, Band Pass - a combination of highpass and lowpass, PitchAccum - creates harmonizer effects and pitch related creations. [23/09/2020]
Steinberg LM-4 Web Link $ 110
Steinberg LM-4 is a Plugin/Instrument for Cubase VST. You can load Wave Files/Banks from HD then trigger it with midi data like an external midi machine. Fully routable to the VST mixer . If you dont have an external drumcomputer or an external sampler, thats it ! [23/09/2020]
Steinberg Mastering Edition Web Link $ 400
Mastering Edition contains 6 plug-Ins which have been developed to help you achieve efficient and effective mastering results. Set Includes: Loudness Maximizer - Optimal Loudness without loss of sound quality Spectralizer - Harmonic generator , FreeFilter - The first linear phase 1/3-Octave Equalizer, ME Compressor - Multiband compressor (up to 5 bands), ME PhaseScope - Goniometer with integrated Correlation meter, ME SpectroGraph - Real-time sonogram display of spectrum. Plugins work with VST, Wavelab, and DirectX. [23/09/2020]
Steinberg Model-E Web Link $ 150
Whatever you're after: deep basses, smooth analog filter sweeps, or searing lead lines, Model-E from Steinberg has them all. Model-E is analog synthesis for the new age: Just load it into one of the virtual instrument racks within Cubase VST and you'll have a full 16 polyphonic synths ready to let rip. Model-E features the exclusive sound banks created by synth gurus Hubertus Maaß and Wolfram Franke, but don't let that stop you making you own; Model-E sounds are exquisitely tweakable with every analog parameter ready for twiddling. Model-E sounds richly analog, but offer sample accurate timing for dynamite precision. [25/09/2020]
Steinberg Q-Metric Web Link $ 600
Q-Metric is a 7-band HiEnd Equalization PlugIn that can be used in VST, Wavelab or any DirectX audio program. Features : Internal processing with double sampling, 3 parametric midrange bands, Variable shelving filter (High/Low), Variable Q-factor, Graphical display of the overall frequency response, and automation within Cubase VST. [25/09/2020]
VST to DirectX Adapter Web Link $ 30
The classic VST Adapter is the easiest way to gain access to the hundreds of shareware and free VST plug-ins from your DirectX audio application. Compatible with the Cakewalk Audio line (v6 and higher), FASoft N-Track, Sonic Foundry ACID, Sound Forge and Vegas (as an Aux effect only, in Vegas), Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, SEK'D Samplitude and Samplitude 2496, and many more [23/09/2020]
Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V Web Link
PPG Wave 2.V is the resurrection of the synth that reached cult status back in 1982 and is now it's available as a VST Instrument for both PC and Mac VST systems. Whilst contemporary synthesizer tended to have oscillators that only possessed a few relatively static and conventional waveforms, such as sawtooth, pulse, or triangle waves, the PPG Wave was the first synthesizer to utilize digital wavetable oscillators and analog filters. Each oscillator could use one of 32 wavetables. A wavetable itself is a collection of 64 digital waveforms. The PPG Wave didn't just let you select one of these waveform in a wavetable; the actual wave used was a synthesizer parameter itself. Modulating the waveform used from a wavetable, with enveloped and other modulation sources lay at the heart of the PPG synth engine. This concept gave the PPG a 'motion' to its sound - an animation that could be anything from subtle to outrageous - indeed no one would argue that the PPG sound was anything other than unique and immediately identifiable. [25/09/2020]
Native Instruments Pro-52 Web Link
Native Instruments Pro-52 is a VST plugin able to completely emulate a Sequencial Circuits Prophet 5. The emulation is so perfect, that the software is also able to load sysex preset of the ancestor. [22/09/2020]
Steinberg LM 4 Web Link
Steinberg’s LM 4 VST Plug-In can be not only all the drum machines you every wanted, its timing is measurably better than any MIDI controlled device. Whether you use MIDI notes to trigger samples or MIDI Clock to drive a Drum machine, its timing is potentially 40 times* better than any MIDI controlled device. LM 4 is a virtual instrument Plug-In that appears on the computer screen, you seem to be sending MIDI events to it, and its audio outputs are routed directly into the VST host’s internal audio mixer, ready for adding EQ and effects. LM 4 is supplied with 20 sound sets of stunning quality, each containing at least 18 drum sounds but you can build your own kits from any standard 16- or 24-bit AIFF or WAVE files even with velocity layers. LM•4 has both stereo & 4 individual outputs. Each drum pad is polyphonic for a natural sound that doesn’t cut off on each drum hit. LM•4 allows all its tunings and levels to be automated and saved with the host application’s song. Up to eight LM•4 can be started on the same machine depending on RAM and CPU resources. [22/09/2020]
Steinberg Model E Web Link
Whatever you're after: deep basses, smooth analog filter sweeps, or searing lead lines, Model E from Steinberg has them all. Model•E is analog synthesis for the new age: Just load it into one of the virtual instrument racks within Cubase VST and you'll have a full 16 polyphonic synths ready to let rip. Sounds are exquisitely tweakable with every analog parameter ready for twiddling. Model•E is a virtual instrument making full use of Steinberg's VST 2.0 Plug-In technology. Cubase's MIDI tracks are routed directly to the input of Model•E without having to involve the vagaries of MIDI cables and interfaces. Model•E's outputs appear directly in the VST mixer, so effects and EQ can be applied just like any audio channel. All Model•E settings are automatically saved with your song files and the final mix can be streamed out to an audio file. But Model•E is not only polyphonic and 16-way multi-timbral, you can start it up 8 times in the virtual studio for real analog style madness. [22/09/2020]
Waldorf D-pole Web Link $ 160
Waldorf D-pole is a multimode filter plug-in for Cubase VST that offers Low-Band-Notch, HiPass-Notch and Resonator with resonance and up to either 12 dB or 24 dB per Octave. D-Pole also features an Envelope Follower and LFO for Cutoff and Panorama Modulation. [25/09/2020]
LoopAZoid Web Link
LoopAZoid, from Samplitools, is a virtual VST2 drum sampler with 64 voices / 48 channels, 8 outputs (4x stereo), 3 mute groups and forward / reverse sample playback mode. Compared to other virtual drum samplers, LoopAZoid lets you construct comfortably big drum kits due to its 48 channels. You can set up detailed 909 kits, mostly complete GM kits, or anything other you like - but make it phatt, please. Samples are choosen with a file selection box, the root keys are selected on a piano roll and drumkits can be stored as normal VST virtual instrument patches / banks. No need to fiddle around with weird configuration text files. Oh, by the way: of course you know virtual instruments like LoopAZoid work with sample accuracy, which ensures superior timing. No MIDI connected hardware sampler on earth can even come close. [22/09/2020]
Steinberg Magneto Web Link $ 250
Magneto is a VST plugin for creating analogue warmth without adding any unwanted noise. It simulates a classic Lyrec 24 track tape machine for true tape saturation effects ranging from a wild, overdriven compressed signal to subtle warmth. [22/09/2020]
Steinberg QuadraFuzz Web Link
QuadraFuzz is a multiband distortion Plugin for VST, Wavelab & DirectX audio programs. It splits the signal into separate frequency bands, and allows distortion each one individually. Features : 4 EQ bands, Preset editor, control over harmonic distortion and analog sound character. [24/09/2020]
Vintage Power Pack Web Link $ 149
Vintage Power Pack , from Object Productions, is a set of plugins for Cubase VST. This pack includes : Chorus, Nu-tron Phaser, Tape-Delay, 2 Flangers, UltraVerb, and Multi-Fx. The plugins also feature advanced control over LFO, Pan and settings. [23/09/2020]
Virtual Drum Sampler DR005 Web Link
Vitual Drum Sampler Dr-005 is a low-cost, CPU-efficient, and above all, user-friendly means of triggering any one-shot sound samples in your sequencer. Features: 16 sample channels; load up to 8 DR-005s for a total of 128 sample channels Loads samples from the front panel - no complicated edit procedure required High-quality 32-bit sound engine. [25/09/2020]
A0 DK1 Web Link $ 42
A0 DK1 is a powerful and inexpensive professional drum machine for PC/VST. DK1 is fully compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000, Logic Audio and Cubase VST. It requires a PC with a Pentium II processor or better, and 64Mb of RAM. [25/09/2020]
A0 Parametric Equalizer Web Link $ 42
A powerful parametric equalizer with low and high-shelving filters, four bell-shaped filters and resonant 12/24dB oct. low and high-pass filters. All the sound processing is performed at a resolution of 80 bits. Includes a quality cd-level safe limiter/soft saturator, making this equalizer even ideal for mastering applications or last-minute mix equalizations. Fully independent stereo controls and frequency response display. Full VST automation. [25/09/2020]
OhmBoyZ : multitap delay plugin Web Link $ 9
First, Ohmboyz is a quite unique plug-in. Originally, it was a multitap delay, but it's become a very rich and unique tool because we've added classical effects in an original circuit and because of LFOs omnipresence. What's more, the finish is extremely precise. If you are tired of hearing clicks and pops each time you change the numerical delays tempo, don't worry anymore: OhmBoyz has kicked out those harmful effects. You'll definitely be pleasantly surprised when you use the buttons or switch to another preset: OhmBoyz can both be used on stage or as a homestudio / studio tool! [23/09/2020]
Prosoniq Dynasone Web Link $ 211
Dynasone offers you many powerful processing functions to provide your final mixdown with that special 'pro' sound. Its unique neural automix function adjusts the overall sound of your mix to automatically sound both transparent and have an optimal frequency response. Both multiband maximizer and peakstop limiting functions optimize the loudness of your mix to match any desired dynamic range and for optimum punch and brilliance. Subsonic and Refresh functions add new spectral contents allowing for restoring and optimizing older recordings. [24/09/2020]
PSP StereoPack Web Link
PSP StereoPack is a set of VST plug-ins designed to construct, expand, improve, control and analyse stereo image. [26/09/2020]
Spectral Design UltraVox Web Link
UltraVox is a VST/WaveLab plugin that lets you shift the pitch of audio in realtime without changing its length. It also gives you control over 'formants' which means you can get a more natural shift on any vocal track. Also features shift range of +/- octave and Highquality mode. [26/09/2020]
Steinberg VB1 Web Link
This is a new VST 2.0 plugin by Steinberg called VB-1 utilizing the new VST 2.0 architecutre. It's a simulation of an acoustic bass using physical modelling. [25/09/2020]
Muon Software Web Link
Muon Software is developping VST plugins. Some of them seem to be free. [26/09/2020]
S&C Develop Web Link $ 40
Digital audio effect Plugins and virtual synthesizer for cubase VST.This product offers 15 plug-ins for Cubase VST with nice graphic interfaces for a high quality/price ratio. A whole range of the special effects are presented. The simulation of a tape recorder, resonant filters, guitars effects, a sampler etc... are given. [26/09/2020]
QuadraSID 6581 Web Link $ 25
SID Emulation as an VST instrument. Seperate Filters, Volume and Balance per voice. Four SID chips per instance + 4 galway-noise generators. [22/09/2020]
VintageBox Web Link $ 55
VintageBox, from Aldo Trianti, is a set of vintage effects for Cubase VST and WaveLab. It includes an overdrive distortion module, a ring modulator, a 3 band equalizer, a tremolo/auto-pan effect and a delay. [25/09/2020]
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