Because the populatity of VST and the plugins open architecture, many software companies have developped plugins. But this interrest is not only from companies...
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Prosonic Orange Vocoder Web Link $ 148
Realtime vocoder for use as Master, Insert or Track Effect. Any input source, VST audio track or the built-in oscillators can be used as Carrier signal. Any VST audio track can be used as Modulator signal. Integrated 16 Oscillator/8-voice virtual analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators per voice featuring 10 basic waveforms, and 7 sampled sounds, voice detune, pitch LFO/PitchMod/AmpMod, 4-pole Low Pass filter with cutoff and resonance, oscillator hard sync and ring modulator. Fully customizable Freeform EQ with max 12 nodes, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and resolving from +30 to -30 dB FS. Input Channel flip lets you instantly exchange Carrier and Modulator signals without having to re-route tracks. Post-Vocoder Filter bank Reverb effect with Mix, Decay and Density. 64-bit internal processing using RISC-assembly coding for lightning fast real-time performance. [12/08/2020]
Spektral-Delay by Native-Instruments Web Link
The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY differs from the many other audio effects in that it uses real-time FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) to split up each channel of a stereo signal in up to 160 separately modifiable frequency bands (even up to 1024 bands internally). The level, delay time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set separately. Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain, which allows for even further sound manipulation. [14/08/2020]
B4 by Native-Instruments Web Link
B4 Reinventing the Tonewheel The B4 is another classic keyboard from the 20th century which Native Instruments brings into the studio and onto the stage of the 21st century. The B4 is a complete virtual tonewheel organ, capable of reproducing in authentic detail the sound of the legendary B3 organ and rotating speaker cabinet, including tube amplification and distortion. Beneath the attractive foto-realistic vintage-look graphics operates an up-to-date audio engine, with perfect sound and lots of options for fine-tuning, all with full MIDI automation. · Authentic sound of tonewheel organ and rotary speaker · Full set of 91 tonewheels · Foto-realistic graphics in the original look · Full MIDI automation · Many options for easily fine-tuning the sound INTERFACES VST® 2.0, DirectConnect®, MAS®, DXi®, ASIO® SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 98/2000 or NT 4.0, Pentium 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM Mac OS 8.6 or higher, PPC 604, 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM [14/08/2020]
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