Because the populatity of VST and the plugins open architecture, many software companies have developped plugins. But this interrest is not only from companies...
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Paul Kellett VST plugins Web Link
These freeware plug-ins work with Cubase and other VST compatible applications for PC, Mac and BeOS. There's 6 packs of effects. Pack 1 includes Overdrive (Soft distortion), Ring Modulator (Simple sine modulator), Round Panner ( 3D panner), Thru-Zero Flanger (Flange / Chorus / ADT). Pack 2 includes Limiter (Opto-electronic style limiter), Re-Psycho! (Drum loop pitch changer), Stereo Simulator (Haas delay and comb filtering), Sub-Bass Synthesizer (Several low frequency enhancement methods). Pack 3 includes Bandisto (Multi-band distortion), BeatBox (Drum replacer), Combo (Amp & speaker simulator), Degrade (Low-quality sampling), Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter / Gate). Pack 4 includes Multiband (Multi-band compressor with mono / stereo component modes), RezFilter (Resonant filter with LFO and envelope follower), Shepard (Continuously rising/falling tone generator), TestTone (Signal generator with pink and white noise, impulses and frequency sweeps), Tracker (Pitch tracking oscillator / EQ). Pack 5 includes Leslie (Rotary speaker simulator), Image (Stereo image adjustment and M-S matrix), De-ess ( High frequency level & dynamics processor), Envelope (Envelope follower / VCA). Pack 6 includes Delay (Simple stereo delay with feedback tone control), DubDelay (Delay with feedback saturation and delay time modulation), Dither (Range of dither types including noise shaping for reduction to 8- and 16-bit), Vocoder (16-band vocoder switchable to 8-band for low processor usage), VocInput (Pitch tracking oscillator for vocoder carrier input). [13/08/2020]
Vellocet VS1 Web Link
VS1 is vellocet's Virtual Synth, currently in alpha testing (Win95/98 only). Intended to be a stand alone soft-synth/sampler, and eventually a VST plugin synth. Currently, functionality is roughly equivalent to a Roland JV1080 with granular synthesis and sampling ability, with extra FX. (And much, much more customizable, if not quite as stable) [12/08/2020]
Vellocet VPingpong Web Link
As it stands the effect is really a stereo delay with separate initial delay time and feedback time for each delay. There is a switch to force it to be a ping-pong delay. The total delay buffer time is 3 seconds (at 44100Hz) for the left and right buffers (about 1.0mb total), which provides a ping pong time delay time of 1.5 seconds between left and right taps. I have added a filter to the feedback stage so that so sound will progressively get duller(LP)/brighter(HP)/narrower(BP) with each feedback. Be careful with the resonance because with each feed back the resonant frequency gets amplified so the delay will feed back on itself. You can bypass the filter section (and save CPU) by setting the filter type to Thru. [14/08/2020]
A0 DKL Web Link
A0 DKL is a free simplified version of the A0 DK1 virtual drum machine for PC/VST.A0 DKL features 16 drum pads, one mute group (also known as exclusion group), tune-able samples +/- 7 halftones, loads wave files 'on the fly', and requires no external editor.A0 DKL uses very little CPU time, providing a professional sound quality. There is no 'shiny-looking' user interface, because we decided to put our development efforts in the sound quality and to keep to extremely low the CPU usage. A0DKL cannot import drums banks created with A0 DK1. [14/08/2020]
Cubase Webring Web Link
The Cubase Webring got a lot of links to free VST plugins... [14/08/2020]
Vellocet VFilterNode Web Link
VFilterNode is a resonant filter effect plugin. It might be handy for people who want to be able to do some basic filtering either alone or as an insert between other effects. It has a high gain set on the resonance so you can get a screaming sound out of it (well, as much as you can out of a digital filter, anyway). If you don't like it distorting just adjust the level down a little. If you want to kill your CPU try setting the cutoff to 48 dB/Oct! [11/08/2020]
Vellocet VReorder Web Link
Screwy order-scrambling and reversing chunks-o-sound delay. [12/08/2020]
Vellocet VNoiseGate Web Link
Noise gate with adjustable envelope. [14/08/2020]
Vellocet VFlanger Web Link
VFlanger is a VST plugin doint flanger effects. [13/08/2020]
Vellocet VNoPhones Web Link
VNoPhones is supposed to counter-act the absolute stereo you get with headphones. (why-o-why I hear you ask...) When we hear stuff under normal enviromental conditions, sounds from any location in our auditory field reach both ears, the contralateral (opposite side) ear receiving a somewhat attenuated and phase-shifted version of the signal that the ipsilateral ear receives (There is also the head-related transfer function, the wierd spectrum adjustment due to lumpy body bits resonating, cancelling and bending various frequencies in various ways, but whoah-ho-ho, we'll just leave that for the moment...!) [14/08/2020]
A0 Double Delay Web Link
A0 Double Delay is a free plug-in for PC/VST. This product is fully compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000, Logic Audio and Cubase VST. It requires a PC with a Pentium processor or better. Can be programmed to produce several well-known audio effects, such as chorus, flangers, delays, tape-like echoes and so on... [12/08/2020]
[ SE audio tools ] Web Link
A new site with analog-style insert effects as freeware. My first 2 plugins are out now: THD (subtle analog-style saturator, tape / tube simulator) and endorphin (dual-band compressor with saturation). [14/08/2020]
VST Plug-ins @ Musicware Web Link
The web's largest databse of reviews and ratings on all the best free VST plug-ins. [14/08/2020]
Vsti Resourcez Web Link
Freeware Vsti Plugin [13/08/2020]
Thomas Rehaag Plugin Page Web Link
Some VST plugins. [12/08/2020]
PSP PianoVerb Web Link
Reproduces special kind of reverberation originally provided by piano strings! [12/08/2020]
Dextra Synth Web Link
Right now it is just the beta copy of the DextraSynth [14/08/2020]
PSP VintageMeter Web Link
 provides professional VU and PPM metering for mono and stereo tracks. [14/08/2020]
New Born Music Studios Web Link
 Home of the free NBM-StudioVerb plugin [14/08/2020]
D-Animator Web Link
 Free VST plugins and electronic music. [14/08/2020]
CamelPhatFree Web Link
 CamelPhatFree is a combined compressor and distortion affect that is great for fattening up kick drums or producing a great guitar sound. It features tube-distortion, a warm-sounding, analogue-modelled compressor and a really easy-to-use interace. [11/08/2020]
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