This pages is dedicated to sampler tools. From CD Grabbing to samplers program editors, almost everything is possible.
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Propellerhead ReCycle Web Link $ 195
ReCycle is a tool for processing drum loops and grooves. With it you can slice loops, transmit them to a sampler, insert them into VST, or just save the individual parts. Features : ability to change the loop tempo without changing pitch, Replace drum sounds without changing the feel, Save as SoundFonts or Mixman files and more. [02/08/2020]
Synoptic SampleLink Web Link
SampleLink is the perfect complement to today's digital audio software. It is the ideal tool to search, process, and convert all of your samples automatically. Whether you are musician, sound designer, multimedia artist, web or game developer, or sound enthusiast, you can now work on all the sound files of your project simultaneously, and exchange data with any kind of machine (computer, sampler...), or software (audio processing, video editing, music composing etc...). SampleLink includes 3 main modules: Audio Search Engine (search within your sample database), Batch Processor (apply many effets at the same time to a set of different audio files), File Converter (huge sound file formats supported, convert one to another). [02/08/2020]
CDxtract Web Link $ 79
CDxtract is designed for musicians who want to manage and convert their sampler librairies (CD-ROM, Zip,MO, Jazz...). For example, an Akai CD-ROM can store hundreds of programs and samples, and to find the right sound you have to load them one by one in your sampler, this takes a lot of time and will probably cut your inspiration. CDxtract includes powerful features that will help you drastically reduce the time needed to search for the perfect sound in all your sampler disks. A sampler library is an expensive investment and usually if you buy a new sampler that uses a different format then you probably would have to buy the same sampler library again. CDxtract allows you to convert your sampler libraries between popular sampler formats thus protecting your investment. Moreover, CDxtract doesn't cost more than a single sampler CD-ROM. [03/08/2020]
SampliFile Web Link
SampliFile is the top product of the SampliTools line. SampliFile is a powerful sample and sound database. It can store sample media (CDs in various formats, filesystems and removable media) in it´s database. SampliFile stores all media content - also the audio data. To save harddisk space, SampliFile let´s you chose a compression scheme for storing audio, ranging from no compression at all to various techinques involving lossy compression, perceptive audio coding, samplerate reduction and stereo -> mono channel combination. SampliFile´s compression engine is based on Microsoft´s ACM framework, which allows all compatible compression plugins (CODECs) to be used. [02/08/2020]
SampliBrowse Web Link
SampliBrowse is a tool for browsing / previewing / managing / searching huge amounts of samples and sounds either on your harddisk or on AKAI or WAV-formatted sampling CDs. What makes SampliBrowse absolutely unique is it´s ability to audition not only samples but also programs directly from the sampling CD or a filesystem directory! SampliBrowse can load programs from any AKAI formatted sampling CD into it´s built-in software-sampler, ready to play with the onscreen keyboard or through any MIDI-in driver - correctly mapped, panned and velocity switched, with accurate envelope and tuning adaption. SampliBrowse not only reads native AKAI-formatted sampling CDs, but also Pulsar-generated AKAI samples (.s) and programs (.p) as well as WAV-files, providing a Windows-Explorer style view to the whole filesystem. You can audition all of these, plus cut, copy and paste AKAI samples, programs and WAV-files. To get a visual impression how a particular sound is made up, you have the ability to display detailled information about it´s keygroup mapping, look at single keygroups and their associated sample zones, and show informations about samples and programs. [01/08/2020]
Translator Web Link $ 150
Translator, from Chicken Systems, converts most popular disk and file sound formats into one another. For example, you can take an E-mu CD-ROM and Translator will convert a Sample, or a Preset, or a Bank, or the entire CD-ROM into Akai format and write it directly to an Akai-formatted hard drive. [02/08/2020]
GenieSys SampleRat v1.0 Web Link $ 190
 SampleRat - new generation of Sample Editors. Our specialized sample editor have a unique editing functionality that has not been yet designed and implemented by anyone else before. It is a full-functional system geared up towards producing samples out of wave files. The entire process of formation of very long samples of high quality acoustic instruments would come to naught if the very special and natural acoustic “breathing” of those instruments were lost. To be able to preserve that “breathing” and eliminate different types of frequency, amplitude and spectrum pulsations we need an additional set of special sample operations for editing Sustain Loop zone... [03/08/2020]
SampliCut Web Link
SampliCut, from Samplitools, is a tool for extracting regions from audio-CD tracks. Most audio format sampling-CDs contain several samples per track, since the audio CD format allows for max. 99 tracks. SampliCut gives you very quick access to those “sub-regions”: it scans one or more CD track(s), automatically divides them into regions and lets you preview those regions or export them as separate .WAV-files. [03/08/2020]
SampliConv Web Link
SampliConv, from Samplitools, is an extraction / conversion tool for AKAI-formatted sampling-CDs. It lets you extract samples as well as programs from any AKAI S1000 or S3000 sampling CD, using your PC´s standard CDROM drive. Samples are saved as WAV-files, programs can be exported as SoundFont 2.01 (SF2) -files. WAV-files contain loop information, SF2 files match the original sound as closely as possible. [01/08/2020]
Millenium Web Link $ 30
Millennium is a program that allows communication with S2000 and S3000XL samplers over SCSI. It can send and receive samples, programs and multi's. It also allows you to view program and keygroup parameters and edit them in a graphical environment. [02/08/2020]
Nicewave 2 Web Link $ 49
Patch editor for Akai S2000. Works thru an SCSI bus. [01/08/2020]
SampleNow Web Link
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