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FruityLoops Web Link
FruityLoops is a tool to make drumloops or songs with internal mixing plus MIDI support. The resulting loop can be exported to a MIDI file or rendered to a WAV file to be used in sequencers/trackers. Its extended playlist allows you to create full songs, so beyond the simple drum machine FruityLoops is an easy (& fun) to use tracker. FruityLoops also integrates a full bassline synth engine, the TS404. [22/09/2020]
VAZ Modular Web Link
VAZ Modular is a polyphonic virtual analog synth. Its capable of using up to 255 modules oscillator, sample, filter, routing, effects, etc) linked to make a patch. Features : 37 full-featured modules, realtime, low latency, multi-part sequencer, midi (and keyboard) controlable triggers, sample playback, delay, Chorus, Flanger and Reverb effects, and backward compatibility with vaz+ patches. By software Technology. [24/09/2020]
VAZ + Web Link
Unbelievable value, and sounds superb! This is one of the best Real-time Analogue Synthesizer Software Technology. [23/09/2020]
AudioMulch Web Link $ 50
AudioMulch is an environment for interactive creation and manipulation of sound and music. The program is used by creating a document comprising of audio synthesis and signal processing objects called mulching contraptions, defining the interconnections between contraptions, and manipulating parameters of the contraptions. The sonic result is heard in real-time and may be simultaneously recorded to a wave file on disk. [24/09/2020]
Generator Web Link $ 289
Generator is a virtual synth that is designed to be played in real-time. It allows you to build your own sounds from modules & blocks. Features: User definable macro modules, Up to 16 instruments per ensemble with up to 24 voices per instrument, MIDI control for all panel elements, Sample rates: internal 22.05 kHz to 132.3 kHz, external 44.1 kHz, Import and export of WAV files, Library with many complete instruments (Minimoog, 303, DX-7), effects and macro modules. Modules have over 30 oscillators (sawtooth, pulse, multistep, etc.), 8 filters, 10 envelopes and 4 step sequencers, saturator, clipper, mirror, chopper, waveshaper, frequency divider, quantizer, DirectX plugin ability and much more. [24/09/2020]
Newstyle AXS Web Link $ 60
AXS is a realtime virtual synth, sequencer and sampler. Its features include : 64 note polyphony (based on CPU), 8 part multitimbrality, 128 banks, 16 Mb sample lengths, unlimited sample memory (based on your computers ram), Distortion, Reverb, Stereo Delay, a 16 track sequencer, Resonant filters, Midi support and more. [26/09/2020]
Bitheadz Retro AS1 Web Link $ 259
AS-1 is a realtime programmable analog synth. Features : 16 bit, 44khz output, 3 oscillators per voice, 13 oscillator waveform types, Continuously variable waveforms, Flexible oscillator sync, Frequency Modulation , Cutoff Modulation, Full MIDI control, Low latency, built in effects, 32 notes polyphony, Arpeggiator and more. [25/09/2020]
Simsynth Web Link $ 35
SimSynth 1.0 was released in 1994, making it one of the first ever software synthesizers. Now the all new version 2 delivers the fattest, in-your-face sound available. On top of that Fruityloops will render & use all your SimSynth presets on the fly ! SimSynth uses filters from classic Oberheim gear, and overdrives three oscillators into them like a MiniMoog. When you need classic analog sound with wall to wall presence, SimSynth delivers. [23/09/2020]
BeatSlicer Web Link $ 35
Beat Slicer is a FruityLoops add-on that gives you the power to easily 'slice' a rendered wav file into it's specific parts. You can compare it to Propellerheads ReCycle except that it integrates perfectly with Fruityloops. It slices a rhythm loop into its individual beats/events and then saves each beat/event into a separate a wave file. After that, it creates a groove file with position information for each beat/event in the loop. [23/09/2020]
Propellerhead Rebirth Web Link $ 180
Rebirth is a software recreation of 2 Roland Tb303 bassline synths, a Roland 808 drum machine and now a Roland 909 drum machine. Features : Digital delays, distortion unit, compressor, a PFC pattern controlled filter, integrated song sequencer, midi support & more.The absolute synth and sequencer for electric musics. This is a lot more than a virtual synth. It can have real time communication with Cubase VST. [25/09/2020]
Native Instruments Reaktor Web Link
REAKTOR is a completely modular sound-design studio that gives you the freedom to build your own individual realtime software synthesizer. More than 200 basic modules are included in REAKTOR and cover a wide range of synthesis methods. REAKTOR can be used as a synthesizer, sampler or as a audio effect and is so flexible that you can create nearly every required Sound for your music production. [25/09/2020]
Dream Station Web Link $ 89
Dream Station is a new and versatile virtual workstation exclusively developed for the Windows 95/98 platforms. We deliver a high performance multimedia application featuring professional signal processing techniques to realize top quality sound, previously unheard in this category! Dream Station utilizes physical models of analog circuits, mathematical reproduction of analog oscillators which makes Dream Station acting just like real analog synthesizers! Thanks to Our SmartOSC synthesis library, you can sweep the pitch smoothly from 20Hz to 20kHz and apply the breathtaking pulse width modulation without any digital aliasing at all!!! A wide range of synthesized sounds can be reproduced using Dream Station, the old classical analog instruments goes without saying but also new and exciting sonic textures never heard before. [24/09/2020]
Seer Reality Web Link $ 495
Reality is a software synth capable of realtime polyphonic performance. Features: PCM (sampling, wavetable), Subtractive, FM, Physical Modeling, Waveguide, Modal synthesis, loading wav files as sample source, reverb, chorus, Soundfont support, 128 voice polyphony (based on cpu), midi file player, and compatibility with Directsound soundcards. [25/09/2020]
Seer SurReal Web Link
SurReal is Seer Systems' powerful, user friendly software for Pentium PCs that brings the audio quality of professional music synthesizers and samplers to the personal computer. Now you can add quality piano, brass, percussion, guitar, bass, classic synth, techno, ambient and many other musical instruments and sounds to your computer, getting the most out of the audio power offered by today's Pentium processors and soundcards. Features: 64-note polyphony, Built-in sequence player, Up to 16 simultaneous channels, Reads SoundFonts, Control Panel for each channel, Vari knob provides infinite, Five forms of synthesis, variations of sounds, Two effects processors, Supports Web Authoring. [25/09/2020]
SynC Modular Web Link $ 99
The SynC Modular is a modular software synthesizer for Microsoft Windows 95 98 and NT 4.0 operating systems. It gives you, though limited as any synth, but quite versatile possibilities for creating and using new sounds. SynC Modular is modular. This means that it has no fixed structure. Instead it allows you to create your own synth structures, as well as using the synth structures created by others. Ideally you can simulate any synthesizer with its modular features. In practice, though, there are always limits to all vanilla promises. SynC Modular is multitimbral. You can have as many as 16 different synths playing at the same time within SynC Modular. Besides that you can change any of those synths for another one on the fly, by means of MIDI program change. The limit to this vanilla promise is your CPU performance which sets the top margin on the overall complexity of the synths. SynC Modular is fast. With its unique modular optimization technology it offers you the performance of a non-modular software synth. SynC Modular is flexible. When going down the module structure it allows you as deep as creating your own oscillators and filters! The Sawtooth oscillator, the Sine oscillator, the 1- and 2-pole filters and many more modules are not the basic pieces. You can dig further into their internal structure. This promise is limited by the fact that you better know the DSP theory if you are willing to design your own filters, rather than combining the existing ones. But hey, you could use filters created by someone else, coudn't you? The SynC Modular can be used both as a standalone program and VST2 plugin. [25/09/2020]
Synoptic Probe Web Link
Synoptic Probe is the ideal instrument for electronic music, with sound synthesis and song composition in real-time. Thanks to its proprietary algorithms for anti-aliasing, transient optimization, and its internal representation of sound in floating point numbers, PROBE offers amazing sound quality as well as incredible dynamic.PROBE can reproduce sounds from the legendary vintage machines (Bassline, Minimoog, Prophet V etc…). Thanks to its full MIDI support, it can be driven as any hardware synthesizer or expander, from a MIDI keyboard or from an external sequencer (Cubase, Cakewalk etc…). Every PROBE button can transmit or receive Control Change or NRPN messages. [25/09/2020]
Audio Architect Web Link $ 149
Modular synthesis software. At last, a software programme which gives you power to transform your PC into a synthesiser of your choice and design. All you need is a PC with a sound card, suddenly you have a highly expensive way to emulate the sounds of many classic synthesisers: The TB 303 - DX Synthesisers - The CZ range [24/09/2020]
Synoptic Virtual Waves Web Link
Virtual Waves is a program for sound synthesis, processing and analysis. With it you can create virtual sound generating machines, called synthesizers, by connecting the program's various modules together in an intuitive and ergonomic fashion. The modules form a vast collection of basic synthesizers, effects, modulators, filters, etc.... [23/09/2020]
D-lusion RubberDuck Web Link $ 35
RubberDuck H30 is a realtime synth thats suited to Acid, Trance and Goa. Features : Realtime resonant filters, 220 note sequencer, dual oscillator generation, wave breakbeat section, delay/feedback/distortion, full midi support, wav dump ability, win95, 98 and NT support. [25/09/2020]
Fuity Tracks Web Link $ 37
FruityTracks should be the only tool you need to mix your Fruityloops material into a song together with voices and other samples. [25/09/2020]
Steinberg BeatBox Web Link $ 55
B.Box is a drum tool that lets you make patterns by using step input (like rebirth and fruityloops). You can even integrate loops and single hit drum sounds into bbox. Also features a library of drum machines such as: EMU SP 12, Linn 9000, Roland CR78, R8, TR 707, TR 808, TR 909, Simmons SDS 5, Yamaha RY 30, Casio VI.1 [24/09/2020]
Resolution Audio AXS Web Link
AXS is a combination of an analog synthesizer, a sampler, two effect units and a sequencer. Its integrated design makes it very pleasant and fast to work with. [25/09/2020]
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