This page is for autonomous programs that manipulates sound.
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Steinberg Clean Web Link
Steinberg Clean is a noise reduction program witch offers six real-time restoration modules for declicking, denoising, descratching, bass boost, enhancing the stereo panorama and brilliance of your recordings. The modules are specially designed to refresh audio on vinyl and cassette. Clean then allows you to create and burn your audio on cd. Also features direct CD audio extraction. [03/08/2020]
T-Racks Web Link $ 299
T-Racks is a standalone real-time mastering station that includes a 6 band stereo parametric eq, a classic mastering tube stereo compressor and a multiband stereo limiter. It's been designed to emulate classic analog sounds for working on final mixes. T-racks is not a Direct-X plugin, its standalone. [03/08/2020]
iQ will give you the chance to find out what your streamed internet media has been missing all along! Using QSound's patented QXpander stereo enhancement algorithm, iQ transforms your mono or stereo web audio listening experience into an immersive, life-like 3D soundfield! iQ works with any streaming audio or .wav output such as RealAudio, MPEG Layer 3, even your system sounds! [02/08/2020]
SoftMC pro Web Link $ 180
SoftMC is a program designed for realtime Midi Control & automation of effects processors, mixers, and other midi devices. Features: Plug-In language for new device support, Create events to configure multiple devices simultaneously, Control an unlimited number of midi devices, & more. SoftMC comes with a default generic and program change plugin. This Pro pack also includes the following plugins : Lexicon LXP1, LXP5, LXP15, REFLEX, and Yamaha ProMix-01 devices. [02/08/2020]
Algorithmix PlugIns Station Web Link
The PlugIn Station is the host for the Sound Laundry™ PlugIns from Algorithmix®. It is responsible for handling the input and output of .WAV audio and for loading and chaining the audio processing PlugIns. Many plugins are available like: The De-Scratcher PlugIn effectively removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl or shellac records, or from audio equipment arising due to switching, digital cross-talk, or thyristor buzz.A highpass filter (low-cut filter) sharply attenuates frequencies below a certain frequency (cut-off frequency). It is used to remove low-pitched noises such as studio rumble, microphone handling noises, vibration of microphone stands, microphone breath pops, and hum from guitar amplifiers. Another application is for cutting-off the table rumble of record players. A lowpass filter (high-cut filter) sharply attenuates frequencies above a certain frequency (cut-off frequency) . It is used to reduce hiss-type noises such as tape noise from low-quality cassette recorders.The Analyzer PlugIn is intended as an additional graphical tool for the Algorithmix® frequency-domain PlugIns. It can display the frequency spectrum for two independent channels (red or green) and a frequency characteristic (filters, noise profiles in white) simultaneously. The channels to be displayed can be chosen from a drop-down box containing all available signal sources within the PlugIn chain.Most of today’s multimedia boards are equipped with low-cost analog-to-digital converters that tend to produce a so-called DC drift. This means the analog zero signal is not converted to digital zero, but to a certain positive or negative value called a DC-offset. [02/08/2020]
Sound2Midi Web Link
Sound2Midi is leading edge music recognition software that accurately converts monophonic audio sound - taken from your sound card's microphone - into MIDI Data. Sound2Midi gives accurate results over a whole range of different instruments and sounds. [03/08/2020]
Synoptic Voice FX Web Link
Transform your Voice with Voice FX, a program with a user-friendly interface. Record your voice or load any sample file and apply amazing effects. 40 effects, developed with the help of Virtual Waves 2 from Synoptic, are available, with a simple mouse click. Of course you can apply several effects on the same sound to get more complex results. A lot of samples are already provided with the program. [03/08/2020]
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