This space is for all the informations about analog vintage synths.
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Oberheim Web Link
Analog modeling et digital synth manufactuer. OB5, OB3², OB12, Minigrand... [13/08/2020]
S. Meyer Teisco Page Web Link
A nice page about Teisco synth , to get product documentation, schematics drawings, etc... [13/08/2020]
Vintage Synths Web Link
Everything about vintage synths... [14/08/2020]
Synth Museum Web Link was created in 1996 out of a need for a centralized, organized and authoritative resource for information about vintage electronic musical instruments. Nearly 300 synthesizers by over 70 manufacturers. [14/08/2020]
E-Music DIY Archive Web Link
A webs site dedicated to analog synths with many scematics, users or service manuals and DIY folks. [13/08/2020]
Logic Electronics Web Link
Logic is a belgium company wich is manufacturing very intelligent boxes. For exemple, Micro Sync/24 is a synchro for vintages sequencers, Micro Midi Filter is a programmable midi filter, and Micro ASC is a midi controller for analmog sequencers. [13/08/2020]
Vocoders review Web Link
An information page from TellusTone about vocoders features, fro manalog ones to digital. [14/08/2020]
S. Meyer Siel Page Web Link
A nice page about Siel synth (Societa Industrie Elettroniche), with manyu links to get product documentation, schematics drawings, etc... [14/08/2020]
Magnus Synth Pages Web Link
Some useful links to analog synths sites. [15/08/2020]
Ain't Slash Grand !? Web Link
Slash and his Snakepit [13/08/2020] Web Link
Recording, Productions, Musicians, Webdesign [14/08/2020]
Gatien Mellion Vintage K Web Link
A french page about analog synth with some good plans for repair in Paris. [13/08/2020]
Sherman Web Link
Sherman is the manufacturer of the Analog device 'FilterBank' & 'Quad Modular Filter'. [15/08/2020]
Mesi Web Link
French reseller for midi modification kits, analog synths, midi converters an more. [14/08/2020]
Frostwave Analog Effects Web Link $ 179
 FROSTWAVE ANALOG EFFECTS contain the insides of old school analog synthsisers retrofitted into portable, musicially versatile, and fully tweakable stomp boxes...perfect for fattening up your PC created music LIVE! [12/08/2020]
Leduc BD3 Web Link
 All about this bass guitar made by Christophe Leduc in the '80 [11/08/2020]
greek midi music Web Link
 greek midi music [15/08/2020]
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