You'll find here all the softwares for doing multitracks audio recording. Some of them are allowing virtual editing, preserving original files. Most of them have got real time effects, thru a proprietary architecture or DirectX technology.
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Samplitude 2496 Web Link $ 799
Samplitude 24/96 is a multitrack that allows you to process audio at up to 24-bits and 96 kHz. Features: Unlimited tracks based on CPU, Redbook audio CD burning on-the-fly, real-time mixing, live input/output modes, DirectX plugin support, Multi-band Dynamics, Dehisser, Stereo Enhancer, object editor, crossfade editor, take manager, punch-in functionality, advanced dithering, EDLs for video and more. A really powerfull program. [02/08/2020]
IQsoft Saw Pro Web Link $ 950
Saw Pro is a multitrack audio editor with up to 32 stereo tracks, support for up to 12 stereo sound cards and DX/VST/SAW plugin support. Features : 24bit/96khz audio, 99 levels of undo, dither options for cd mastering, multitrack soft-clipping, new 3d-like look, enhanced shortcuts, auto add region to MT feature, region slipping improvements, enhanced built-in FX and more. [02/08/2020]
Sonic Foundry Acid Web Link $ 399
ACID is a music creation tool that allows you to arrange and edit wave loops on multiple tracks in realtime. After you drop a wave file into ACID it can automaticly match tempo and pitch - on the fly. Features : MTC/SMPTE timecode chase, realtime Direct-X Plug In support, output to .WAV file, 24bit audio support, unlimited undos, NetShow file support, tempo maps, Multiple sound card support and more. [03/08/2020]
Sonic Foundry VEGAS Pro Web Link $ 700
Sonic Foundry VEGAS Pro is a multitrack audio editor and sequencer. It features : Unlimited tracks, Unlimited undo/redo, Automatic crossfade, EQ and compressor inserts for every channel, Quick-edit media trimmer, Simultaneous multitrack record & play, Loop recording Plug-In manager, Real time event resampling, 32 assignable DirectX FX sends, Audio and Video scrub, MIDITime Code sync, 24-bit/96 kHz support, multiple I/O support, Dual processor support and lots more. [02/08/2020]
Cool Edit Pro Web Link
64-track digital audio recorder, editor, and mixer. It's based on Cool Edit 96, Syntrillium's award-winning shareware application, and includes over 30 DSP effects, DirectX plug-in support, and more. From Syntrillium Software. [02/08/2020]
DDClip Web Link $ 333
DDClip is a professional non-linear non-destructive multitrack real-time audio and video editor for Windows95/98/NT. It allows to process and mix up to 32 high-quality audio tracks (up to 32 bits per sample at any sample rate) with real-time audio effects on your PC with any Windows-compatible sound card. DDClip is especially effective for video clips scoring, creating audio commercials, synchronizing voice with music and mixing audio tracks with audio effects on audio clips, tracks and entire project to mix music on PC. [02/08/2020]
Saw Pro, Saw Plus Web Link $ 750
32 Mono/Stereo Track Digital Audio Editor/Support of up to 12 stereo devices (32-Bit Code) Requires Windows NT/95/98/2000, Pentium II-266 or higher, 128 Mb RAM, XVGA video 1024X768 at 65000 colors, 16-bit or higher Windows compatible sound card(s) [03/08/2020]
MultitrackStudio Professional Web Link $ 69
MultitrackStudio is an audio/midi recording and mixing environment for Windows targeted at home recording musicians. Key features: Unlimited number of audio and midi tracks, 19 audio effects, supports VST/DirectX plugins, Disk-streaming sampler (reads .gig and .sf2 files), Non-destructive audio editing, unlimited levels of undo, Straightforward to use, 'Install and Play'. The free Lite edition is limited to three tracks. [02/08/2020]
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