Techno music have brought a new way of thinking music. But this needs news tools and software. Don't search anymore, it's here.
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Tuareg Web Link $ 35
Tuareg is a superior tool for Drums / Baselines. Features: 12 stereo channels, Audio Smoothing Engine, 200 wav samples / song, RaGE unit (drumcomputer), BLiSS unit (bassline seq.), Import plugins / plugin instruments, Export plugins (MP3, etc...), Renders songs to WAV, 6 indy stereo delay units, 12 separate resonant filters, Direct Sound... [12/08/2020]
Little Drummer Boy Web Link $ 16
Little Drummer Boy, also known simply as 'LDB' is a software to create drumloops. I must emphasize, that the goal of the software is to create drumloops. It is not a drummachine simulator, it is not a realtime program, and it does not have sync, MIDI support, or anything like that, nor is it intended to have. You use it to combine WAV samples (stereo or mono, any sample rate) and Stomper sounds to a combined sample, with processing (distortion, decay, stereo spread, resonant filtering, with full parameteric morphing based on accent levels), pitching (with glide, so you can simulate 303 or other oldschool synth if you like), into a combination sample, intended to be used as a 'drumloop' [which can contain a lot more than just drums, btw!]. To actually USE the samples made in LDB you should use other software [13/08/2020]
WaveGen Web Link $ 30
WaveGen is a PCM Wave Generator for Windows. Create pure waveforms for synths, wave trackers or other purposes. Supports 8/16 bits, any sampling rate. Over 25 built in algorithms + expressions. Mix, import waves; fade, modulate, normalise +more. LSB TPDF Dither & noise shaping; Envelopes. Export to .AU .SMP .AIF +more. DTMF tones. Powerful Tone Sequencer Language, music generator. Ideal for electr. musos. [12/08/2020]
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