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Deepsound Music Web Link
Deepsound presents to you 5 years of musical work. 70 titles to listen to in mp3 stream. Trip Hop, Reggae, Dub, Electro, Hip Hop, Jungle, Drum and Bass, House, Ambient. [10/08/2020]
e-FrenchSound Web Link
The best of french electronic music [11/08/2020]
Audio Melody Web Link
Audio Melody ( formally known as Musicware) is a database of all the best FREEWARE and SHAREWARE audio tools, utilities and programs, all reviewed with screenshots and up-to-date downloads. [12/08/2020]
Digital Music Startpage Web Link
All soft and hardware listed: All Trackers in the world, Magix, Samplers, Samples, MP3, Order CD's, Converters, CD-Rippers. [12/08/2020]
ZikInf Web Link
Many useful informations about computer music, samples, ... [12/08/2020]
Cyberzik Web Link
Cyberzik - musical directory [12/08/2020]
the Site for the musicians who love the great Luth Web Link gathers all the musical community, around numerous columns, musical events, bands and artists discovery,chat forum , small advertisements, lessons of your favourite instruments and many tests of stringed instruments made by some Luthiers. [12/08/2020]
PluginSpot Web Link
The PluginSpot is your source for both free and affordable VST and DX instruments and FX. Right now you'll find the mda-Piano & mda-DX10 from Maxim Digital Audio. [11/08/2020]
ROCK, BLUES, FUSION, JAZZ and CLASSIC, many musicals styles find their own players ... Discover those artists with Real-Audio & enjoy with MP3's and our Web-Radio, and let them play in your town !!... [10/08/2020]
The Midi Archive Web Link
This archive contains MIDI and other electronic music stuff (and some related things which are not strictly MIDI). [11/08/2020]
Doctor Zicmu Web Link
computers and music french community. A free hot line to your computer music problems.... [12/08/2020]
SCOUR Web Link
Scour is a broadband entertainment portal on the Internet. That means we help you find (almost) every kind of music (including streaming radio stations), movies and videos from all over the Web. No website remains unturned by Scour. Not only that, but we also have our own content: you can find movies, music, videos and reviews of them on our very own Scour site. You may never want to leave. Scour, Inc. is the Internet start-up that markets and develops Scour, your favorite multimedia guide and search engine for the Internet. Scour's high-powered searching ability, along with its focus on all things multimedia empowers Internet users to find audio, video and images galore. If you can hear it, see it or both, we'll find it for you. For the 411 on Scour, visit the links on your right. [12/08/2020]
AudioRank Web Link
Check out this site and find great Audio resources. You can add your site too!!! [13/08/2020]
Acid France Web Link
Site for Acid of Sonic Foundry [12/08/2020]
Bakélite studio Web Link
Bakélite studio, in Montpellier (France,Languedoc-Roussillon),is a digital recording studio.It is also a place of creation and musical realization,production and formation. [13/08/2020]
Freeson World Wide Web Web Link
One best url with many sound and video [12/08/2020] Web Link
The Xclusive Online Records Shop for Electronica [12/08/2020]
FRANCE PIANOS the best discount for YAMAHA CLAVINOVA and all digital pianos [11/08/2020]
Vinyl records 45 rpm (EP and SP) - Maxi 45 rpm - 33 rpm ( mint and bargain) for sale [12/08/2020] Web Link
The biggest database of bands and albums reviews. [11/08/2020]
Millenium Musique Web Link
The site of reference in the field of musical creation and the auto-production. [12/08/2020]
TPLM Web Link
Raw material for music creator [13/08/2020]
basSite Web Link
not in english yet... but here you'll find everything to learn to play bass guitar [12/08/2020]
Samplepoolz - the online mag about sampling Web Link
Daily news and weekly reviews about samplecds, plugins and software. exclusive downloads and giveaways. German speakers only. [12/08/2020]
PROSL pro sound and light Web Link
Web portal for sound & light pros: sound & light online shop, classifieds, forum, links [11/08/2020]
Italian Midi Web Link
The italian page devoted to the use of computer resources in electronic music home-studios.Some informations about midi standards. [12/08/2020]
Midi Standard page Web Link
A french web page explaining midi standard. [11/08/2020]
Rockenstock Web Link
Used musical instrument sales. You can find here guitars, amps with pictures and description. [11/08/2020]
Site of Ukrainian Rock band CELESTIAL MINE [12/08/2020]
Farmacid Web Link
Best world of electronic music [11/08/2020]
Top Music Web Link
TOP Music vinyl shop official website (in french only), all vinyl news and all you have to know about DJ Furax (bio, discography, gallery) and the BPM Records recording studio (Andenne, Belgium) [13/08/2020]
free wav and mp3 product loop and sample [12/08/2020] Web Link
French directory dedicated to music [12/08/2020] Web Link
Virtual museum - radio phonographe phono talking machine realaudio [11/08/2020]
KTM Web Link
On line demo of femeale duo KTM. Samples, playlist & more. [11/08/2020]
Relax Jazz Web Link
method to learn the jazz piano, private lessons, fast progress [12/08/2020]
The Patbull Site Web Link
Music classified ads, mp3, pictures and much more. [12/08/2020]
Jazz Web Link
Everithing about Jazz and Boogie Woogie. [13/08/2020]
L'Atelier du Piano Web Link
Piano website with on line ads. [12/08/2020]
Infomusical Web Link
french site about electronic music [12/08/2020]
Web Link
Web Link
Web Link
criminalsoundsista Web Link
 le meilleur site consacré aux djs parisiens... [09/08/2020]
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