Many sound editors are existing on the market. Most of times, they are reflecting one way of working or a particular job. Choose yours....
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Awave Studio and Awave Audio Web Link
Those softwares, from FMJ software are ones of the best software known for sound conversion. Studio is dedicated to banks and sound conversion, Audio is for audio file conversion batch processing. [25/09/2020]
DART pro Web Link $ 399
DART Pro (Digital Audio Restoration Technology) is a sophisticated program for the restoration of archived audio recordings. It is capable of removing both impulsive disturbances (clicks, pops and record scratches) and wide-band noise (tape hiss, surface noise) - and does it in a fast and efficient way. [25/09/2020]
Sonic Foundry CD Architect Web Link $ 400
CD Architect is a plugin that makes SoundForge a comprehensive RedBook audio CD writing tool. It provides extensive support for PQ editing - like track times, sub-indices, ISRC codes and printed cue sheets. The playlist previews the CD in real time while CD transport controls simulate CD audio playback. Test burn mode also monitors for underruns without actually burning the CD. [25/09/2020]
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Web Link
Sound Forge has become a standard in wave editors. It's sound editing and manipulation capabilities are only matched by a few other programs, and it has a nice suite of effects out of the box (without using any DirectX plugs). Supports samplers, external triggering, many editors, complete sound manimulations, cut lmist management, mlay liust management, and much more. It can handle all the internet file formats. [25/09/2020]
Steinberg Wavelab Web Link
Steinberg Wavelab is the fastest audio editing and mastering software available for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. It combines the most user-friendly stereo editor currently available with a whole range of processing capabilities, effects, Red-Book compatible CD burning software, audio analysis, an audio file database, batch processing and sampler support. [25/09/2020]
X Squared Media Acidizer 2.2 Web Link $ 19
Acidizer is THE add-on tool for users of the Sonic Foundry ACID suite. It is used to add extra information to wave audio files so that ACID will automatically recognize the file as a one-shot, a loop, or a disk-based audio file. It also aids ACID in knowing how to accurately pitch-shift or time-stretch a wave file. [25/09/2020]
Sonic Foundry Acidizer Web Link
Acidizer is a utility for use with the Sonic Foundry Acid series. Acicidizer adds extra information to the audio file that is ACID-specific like the stretching properties, root note, and number of beats or tempo of the file. This information is then used by ACID to time-stretch and pitch-shift the file for you automatically when you open it. When you use an audio file that hasn't been acidized, Acid defaults to 'loop' each time -- a real annoyance if you plan to use a lot of drum samples as one-shots. At this point, you must change the properties for each file you drag into Acid. [25/09/2020]
Diamond Cut Live Web Link $ 995
Diamond Cut Live is a program for professional noise reduction, especially restoring scratchy vinyl recordings. Diamond Cuts main selling point is that it works in realtime, so you can hear the effects as you tweak. [25/09/2020]
Diamond Cut Millenium Web Link $ 199
Diamond Cut Millenium is a program for professional noise reduction, especially restoring scratchy vinyl recordings. [25/09/2020]
Soundfont Manager Web Link
Cakewalk Soundfont Manager is a commercial addon from Creative labs, that allows you to integrate your AWE soundfonts more closely with your Cakewalk songs. Instead of using a 'canned' GM set, you can have cakewalk attach up to 127 different soundfonts to any song. It features automatic Soundfont loading, as well as instrument, bank and patch definitions. [25/09/2020]
Tsunami Pro Web Link $ 245
TsunamiPro is a program for recording, editing, and playing digital audio. Features : Multi-editing windows at various zooms, Midi and SMPTE sync for playback and record, built in effects (eq, flange, reverb, noise reduction, filters, time stretching, etc), Support for Direct-X plugins, Markers, AVI audio editing, MP3 encode support, Built in Midi virtual Keyboard, FFT spectrum display and more. [25/09/2020]
Encounter 2000 Web Link $ 29
Encounter 2000 is the first and only fully multithreaded sound editor in the windows world today. Load files and work on files while other filters are still running in the background. [25/09/2020]
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