Your recording act is very often finishing to an audio CD. It's easy to 'just make an audio cd', however, manufacturing a cd complying to all standards is much more difficult. You'll find here all the apps you'll need to record or grab CD's.
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CDR Win Web Link $ 59
This software, from GoldenHawk Technology is one of the most polular CD Recording softwares for PC. Supports CDROM (Mode1), CDROM-XA (Mode2), CD-I, Mixed-Mode, and Multisession discs. Features CUE SHEET scripting, Bootable cdrom support, Karaoke CD+G support, disc backup utility, and more. [22/09/2020]
Disk Juggler Web Link
With its ability to simultaneously drive multiple CD recorders, and accurately and reliably replicate virtually any existing standard CD, Padus DiscJuggler is the quickest, easiest and most professional way to duplicate multiple CDs at once. Direct digital-to-digital CD duplication from a CD-ROM drive to multiple CD-R drives of the same model. Accurate audio CD duplication with support for PQ (index points and variable gap size) and R-W (CD+G and Karaoke CD) subcodes, and on-the-fly audio stream resynchronization. On-the-fly software regeneration of ECC/EDC and scrambling, so, even when you are reading in raw mode, you will the maximum chance of having an error-free CD copy. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both novices and experts. Embedded robotics support for popular changers and juke-boxes (special version). Works with 95, 98 & NT. [21/09/2020]
Steinberg Get it on CD Web Link
Steinberg Get it on CD is a CD recording program for doing audio CDs. There's already a whole range of programs which let you burn music onto a CD, and if you want, you can use get it On CD just for doing this - it couldn't be easier. Simply record your material via the line or microphone inputs on your sound card, or copy material digitally from another CD. Using Drag & Drop you can put the required audio files into the CD program, or split a large file (for example a live performance, or a side of an LP) into separate sections quickly and easily using markers. Pauses between tracks can be inserted at the click of a mouse, and you can audition the final result before burning. When you're happy with the result, insert a blank CD, click the mouse, and your Red Book compatible CD is ready in no time. This way you don't get to waste any blank CDs! However in order to get the best possible sound quality, you really need to do more than just burn the CD. The secret lies in the processing which is done before the actual burning. The good news is that you don't need to train as a audio engineer in order to work with get it on CD. An easy-to-use interface and a variety of tools help you achieve professional results easily. Change the tempo of your recording without altering the pitch, or change the pitch without changing the tempo! Make use of powerful dynamic processing to give your music just the right amount of compression, and much more. A number of supplied presets help you achieve the required result instantly. Rearrange your recordings using a variety of editing functions - simple cut, copy and paste makes editing child's play. Experiment with different effects to get the very best from your mix. And if you don't like the result - no problem - all editing can be undone. [24/09/2020]
Adaptec CD recording solutions Web Link
For Mac or PC, Adaptec got a large panel of solutions for CD recording. With Toast, EZ CD Creator, Soundstream, Jam and now Toast DVD, none of the CD recording applications have be forgotten. [25/09/2020]
Yamaha CD Recorders Web Link
Product description of Yamaha CD Recorders. [21/09/2020]
Plextor CDrom and CDR Web Link
Plextor is manufacturing state of the art cd recorder and cd readers for audio cd applications. [21/09/2020]
CD Right Plus Web Link
CD Right Plus is a CD Creation program with a twist. Its the very first one that can right, direct to CD, from any audio source. This means you can record a live vocal straight onto cd or maybe even record from the radio or TV if there is a concert you want to make a recording of. [24/09/2020]
Audio Media Productions Web Link
 Sound studio dedicated to the applications Multimedia, brodcast and phone. Musics free of right. Voice-over , sound design... [23/09/2020]
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