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Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive Web Link
Many lyrics of hip hop, rap and so on... [12/08/2020]
Top 40 hits from 1938 to 1999 Web Link
Welcome to Lyrics World's ever-expanding collection of lyrics for rock and pop songs that charted in the Top 40 from 1930 to 1999. You'll find the titles of over 11,000 songs, each listed under the year in which it charted along with the peak chart position (Billboard, USA) and the artist who recorded it. [12/08/2020] Web Link
A very complet search engine (more than 130 000 songs) [11/08/2020]
SongFile Web Link
A very complet search engine (more than 2 million songs) [12/08/2020]
Yahoo France Lyrics Web Link
Search engines give also excellent results form lyrics. [11/08/2020]
Yahoo US Lyrics Web Link
Search engines give also excellent results form lyrics. [13/08/2020]
Yahoo Sheet music Web Link
Various music Sheets ans scores @ yahoo [12/08/2020]
Yahoo Tablatures Web Link
Tablatures @yahoo [12/08/2020]
Lyrics by Me'Shell Ndegéocello Web Link
All the lyrics of 'Peace Beyond Passion'. [13/08/2020]
Ad Libitum Web Link
French lyrics server [12/08/2020]
French Music Database Web Link
English site dedicated to french music. [13/08/2020]
Music.Song texts Web Link
From 2 Unlimited to ZZTop, more than 500 lyrics of english songs. [12/08/2020]
Texts of Lieder and Art Songs Web Link
More than 6000 lyrics. [12/08/2020]
Irish Gaelic Web Link
Irish Gaelic Song Texts [13/08/2020]
Hundreds of tabs with all u2, santana, radiohead, harper, beatles, connells...A dictionnary of 1000 chords and a music directory. [12/08/2020]
More than 12000 lyrics of french songs and 1000 midifiles to download. [12/08/2020]
Marc sa guitare Web Link
I am a Belgian musician. On my Website, you can listen to my compositions for classical guitar and for piano. All the scores are freely downloadable and easily printable. Languages : English and French. [12/08/2020] Web Link
Guitar lessons written in both tablature and standard musical notation. [12/08/2020]
From reproduction of your manuscrit to transcription works, we can deal with lots of cases and make a tailor-made score. Any vocal or instrumental ensemble; any instrument including percussion instruments and guitar tablatures; conductor or separate parts, in real or transposed notes; any style, from ancient composition to contemporary music; conductor of music for pictures with time code and extra-musical indications, and so on. [13/08/2020]
Guitar Scores Portal [12/08/2020]
Le Parolier Web Link
French & Québec Lyrics. More than 3750 lyrics! [10/08/2020]
Soul and Funk Lyrics Index Web Link
Sometimes, the servr don't work... [12/08/2020]
English Lyrics server in Korea Web Link
60 songs with lyrics & midifiles. [12/08/2020]
Norwegian songs Web Link
30 norwegian standard tunes [11/08/2020]
Alain-Pierre Web Link
French lyrics [12/08/2020]
GMD - Classical Music Web Link
Classical Sheet music [12/08/2020]
A Metal tabs Page Web Link
Metal tabs, frequently updated!!! [12/08/2020]
MidiGal Presents... Web Link
 Family safe music of the old-time music, folk music in America. [12/08/2020]
French Lyrics server in Korea Web Link
Thirty french lyrics... [11/08/2020]
GUITARE33 Website Web Link
Free Resources for Acoustic Guitarists all Styles [12/08/2020]
Web Link
Guitariffs Web Link
 3000 guitare tabs [12/08/2020]
Web Link
  [12/08/2020] Web Link
 Welcome to the first musical store on line. The most important scores catalogue available for you ! [11/08/2020]
selfscorediffusion Web Link
 free sheetmusic .Orchestra, educationnal. Scores with extract parts in pdf and ScorchSibelius. [13/08/2020]
Reggae tabs Bass Guitar Web Link
 Bass line tabs and guitar chords of reggae title : Bob Marley, UB40, Gladiators, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, etc ... [13/08/2020]
ChipperX Web Link
 This site have the most incredible online radios linked up!! pluss more [12/08/2020] Web Link
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